With Google Workspace, Google has taken its place as a comprehensive provider for the digital workplace.  Krouli is here to advise you on how best to move your business to a workplace that is no longer governed by the boundaries of the office. 

Google Meeting Room

Full function for small and large meeting rooms

Make it easy for you and all employees. Start your meetings with one click and make sure audio and video work painlessly.

Chrome OS hardware

Chromebook, Chromebase, and Chromebox

The right hardware is important. Chromebook for all employees, Chromebox for Digital Signage and Chromebase at reception


Real-world digital collaboration

If you're already jamming together, you can order your next Jamboard from Krouli. If you want to try a Jamboard, contact sales@krouli.com and we will arrange a loan.


Cloud and Chrome Management

Easy to administer, easy to secure

Administer all your company's computers, meeting rooms, users, and make sure information is only available to the right people.


Keyboards, Headphones and Cameras ...

The right equipment for your workplace

A good workplace starts with good equipment. No matter where you work, you need good keyboards, headphones, speakers and cameras. 


Jamboard is a digital whiteboard where teams located in different locations can sketch ideas and save them to the cloud to make them available from any device.