A new workplace


The new workplace is about collaborating and sharing information in a secure and cost effective manner.

With G-suite, Hangouts, Jamboards, Chrome Enterprise and hardware solutions for meeting rooms, the reception, the work desk and digital signage there is a solution for the larger corporations as well as the smaller startups. 

Krouli will help you with the transition to a new way of working and sharing in the cloud. We can equip your reception with a cheaper hardware, or custom fit a stable solution for your conference rooms, enable information sharing between co-workers or equip your lounges with a solution for digital signage.


   Save 60 % on your hardware budget


No matter how big or small your business is, there is money to save with a solution from Krouli. Our favorite example is all the computers that are currently in business receptions. Today, there’s usually an expensive PC with the only task to surf the web. Replace your PC’s with Chromeboxes and your company will be able to spend the IT-budget on software instead of hardware.

For the office there are Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, Chromebits, Chromebases and Jamboards, all of which have been developed in synergy with G-suite and other Google software to create an effective working day.

For the smaller companies, Chrome OS and its products offer solutions that can grow in line with the company.

For the smaller company – https://enterprise.google.com/chrome/work-computers-for-smaller-businesses/

For the larger companies, Chrome Enterprise is providing security, functionality and support for thousands of concurrent users. For the larger company, the needs are often bigger and a little more complex. How do we solve the support, how do we access the financial system, how do we replace the old computers and, not least, how do we educate our employees?

For the larger companies, Google has developed the Chrome Management Console, which makes it easy to help employees wherever they are.

Learn more here – https://enterprise.google.com/chrome/work-computers-for-larger-businesses/

Whatever business, there is a solution and affordable hardware to suit your needs.


   The eco-friendly connected meeting


For those who use Hangouts, Hangouts Meet Hardware is now available. Hangouts Meet Hardware is a specially designed and tested hardware with full integration to Hangouts and G Suite. Simply put, a customized package that makes it easy for the end users and guarantees high video and sound quality in the digital meeting.

The package includes a screen for controlling the meeting, a Chromebox, a microphone, and a camera. All hardware is tested and certified by Google and you can troubleshoot and diagnose your meeting space from a distance. All this at a price that outperforms all previous solutions for the digital meeting room.

Need help with designing your conference room. Try out Googles Room Design Guide – https://roomdesignguide.withgoogle.com/room-layout/viewing-area

Learn more – https://enterprise.google.com/chrome/devices/#meetings

Learn more about Hangouts  – https://gsuite.google.com/products/meet/?_ga=2.176568485.1654132795.1505117035-114219398.1494513089


Try G-SUITE for free

Free trial – https://gsuite.google.com/signup/basic/welcome

You can access email for business, video conferencing, online storage, and other business tools. Start your trial period of 14 days – You do not need to enter payment information or download any software.



   Kiosks for employees and customers


You have seen them at airports, in stores and restaurants. The information kiosk where you order, check in or just get more information on available services and products. Krouli will make it easy for you to get started with digital signage and a kiosk solution, whether it’s an info screen in the lunch room or a public area solution for external customers.

Employee kiosks – https://enterprise.google.com/chrome/kiosks-for-employees/

Kiosks for customers and guests – https://enterprise.google.com/chrome/kiosks-for-customers/

The Chrome OS built-in kiosk feature ensures that your message comes across, that no-one accesses any sites or apps other than those you provide and that you can reboot and update devices no matter where they are in the world.


A screen on the wall or a digital showroom


With smart info kiosks and complete Digital Signage solutions for the world’s largest arenas, you can up the pace of information internally and externally.

Krouli have solutions for the small company where employees work in shift and share hardware. We have solutions for your shop, restaurant or your digital showroom.

Digital Signage – https://enterprise.google.com/chrome/digital-signage/

Employee Newsstand – https://enterprise.google.com/chrome/kiosks-for-employees/

Customer and Guest Kiosk – https: / /enterprise.google.com/chrome/kiosks-for-customers/

For the largest audience, Krouli are working together with partners that have equipped some of the largest football stadiums in the world, so if your need is big, we can bring a team of partners to enable your theatre of dreams.



   Management and Security is not added, it is the foundation


An investment in Google’s workplace also means that all equipment meets Google’s high security requirements and that all hardware can be managed in the Chrome Management Console. Chrome Management Console is a full fledged management solution that makes sure that all devices, software and meeting rooms can be monitored and managed from a distance.

Chrome OS Management – https://support.google.com/chrome/a/topic/6274424?hl=en&ref_topic=4386913

Chrome OS Security – https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/3438631?hl=en