Mondays by Krouli presents
Best of Google Meet Summit Berlin

Monday November 20
Stockholms Bränneri
Folkungagatan 136

In early November 2023, Google hosted the annual Google Meet and Voice EMEA summit in Berlin. For all customers unable to attend, we are hosting a special Mondays where we present the highligths from the event.

For us the highlights include the introduction of Figma, Miro and Lucid into the Google Meet Ecosystem, several new products from Logitech and Signage for your meeting rooms made easy by Comeen. We will of course be able to give you demos of all of these new solutions.

Now, since it is a Mondays by Krouli, of course it is a bit special. This time, we will get an insight into Gin production and the history of Gin at the fantastic Stockholm Bränneri.


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Mondays by Krouli

Best of Berlin 

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Best of Berlin
  presented by
 Avocor and Logitech

Distillery Tour and
sippin' on Gin and Juice


Music, Knowledge  
Gin Tasting and  
time to mingle.  


This time, since we have such a great venue we need to set a limit at 80 guests, so first come first serve.