Google Jamboard-lisens

Google Jamboard-lisens

549.00 Med unntak av MVA

You need one management license for each Jamboard. When you order licenses here, we will provide you with a form to make sure we gather all licensing information needed.

Licenses are annual. 

If you have more than one Jamboard in your domain, the licenses are transferable among them. If you return one board, you can use an existing license in your domain for the new board you receive.

Note: You don’t need Jamboard licenses to download and use the phone or tablet apps or web viewer for Jamboard. You also don’t need licenses per user for the apps. The licenses are specific to the board.

License Renewals  

Renew your annual management license to continue receiving the following:

  • Product support
  • Over the air (OTA) updates
  • Full collaborative features 

Krouli will keep track of your licenses and reach out to you as you close in on renewal date.


If you don’t renew the annual license for your Jamboards, you can either deprovision them or move them into License Expired Mode. In this mode, the unlicensed Jamboards will lose most of their G Suite collaborative features. Users won’t be able to own or share jams with others. Unlicensed Jamboards won’t be eligible for software or device support through Google. 



You need one management license for each Jamboard. 

Licenses are annual.