ASUS AI Noise Cancelling Microphone Adapter


ASUS AI Noise Cancelling Microphone Adapter

30.00 Exklusive moms

  • Enhance 3.5mm headset microphones by eliminating background noise
  • USB-C® and USB-A connectors included for mobile phones, Chromebooks, Mac and other devices laptops.
  • Exclusive ASUS Hyper-Grounding DAC technology prevents electromagnetic interference and delivers pure audio, free of EMI noise.
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ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Mic Adapter is the world’s first USB-C-to-3.5 mm adapter with integrated AI NoiseCanceling Microphone (AI Mic) technology. It uses AI-powered noise cancelation to deliver crystalclear voice communication when used with any 3.5 mm headset with a microphone. Weighing just 8 grams, it includes a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) that includes exclusive ASUS Hyper-Grounding technology to prevent electromagnetic interference, giving you noise-free audio. Get a big upgrade on sound quality with this small device.