Meet in Huddle Rooms or at the Desk

The Chromebase is an All-in-One meeting solution for the Huddle Rooms.
With built in Speaker, Microphone and Camera it is the perfect Meet solution
for the Home, the smaller rooms and for your office desk.

Stay efficient at home or at your desk

The beauty of Google Meet hardware is that no one needs to be singled out and use their own computer to facilitate the meeting. In the small room or at your desk, this means you will not interrupt your ongoing work to start a meeting. You can continue taking notes and collaborate on your laptop, while being engaged with your team. 

Room Setup in minutes

Unbox and install in under 15 minutes

Meet functionality in one piece

Fits into any environment

24" touchscreen



Chromebase - a smarter solution

The versatility of the Chromebase makes it the perfect solution for the creative company. Set up Wormholes around your office to connect to support or specialists. Facilitate meetings on the fly in every part of your production. Let customers Meet the subject experts on the shop floor. The technology is there to solve your problem.

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