We can help with your Google Workspace.

This includes sound advice on how to transform your business to a digital native,
meeting room hardware, workplace products, such as Chromebooks and Jamboards, device management and licenses.


Room Solutions for Google Meet

Google Meet from ASUS

Designed and Tuned for Google Meet

ASUS – Google Meet hardware, with Google Meet Compute is a smart one-touch video-conferencing solution with HD visuals for Google Meet. 

Series One by Lenovo

Exclusively engineered for Google Meet

Artfully architected. Inherently intelligent. Pixel perfect. Single cable. Purpose built. Room filling sound. It is Seriously One of a kind.

Logitech Google Rooms

A single Tap to Meet anywhere in the world

Transform any space to a Google Meet meeting place with one-touch join, always-on readiness, and center of room control. 

Meet Chromebase

The Meet is on

In your house, at your office, in the smallest rooms, in stores, on all the floors.
Meet Acer Chromebase, the most versatile all in one Meet solution.

The Office and Home






Office is the new remote

Current stats shows that 30 % of all employees will be working from home once a week. This means most of us will have three main places where we work - the office desk, the meeting room and the home.