Mimo Myst Capture 10.1″ Capacitive Touch Display

Mimo Myst Capture 10.1″ Capacitive Touch Display

825.00 Excluding VAT

This new generation display takes the best of the award-winning Mimo Vue Capture and levels it up by adding robust features that are sure to elevate any conference room space. With powerful new capabilities, a sleek and sophisticated high-end, low-profile design, plus a convenient USB connection, this feature-rich display is perfect for huddle rooms and other small conference rooms where space is at a premium and video conferencing is a priority.

An ideal 10.1” conference room interface at a truly accessible price point, the Mimo Myst Capture is fully compatible with Google Meet and several other platforms for ultimate convenience and flexibility. With seamless setup and maximum visual appeal, this high bright, high contrast display has integrated HDMI capture, USB 2.0 pass thru for a speaker/mic box at the table, and is available in a wall mount or swivel mount to accommodate the setup of your space. Additional features include integrated cable management and strain relief and support for standby and low-power modes.

The HDMI capture capability allows your connected computer to stream high quality video, up to 1080p video at 60 frames per second. The capture device converts video and audio from your HDMI source device into standard UVC (USB Video Class) and UAC (USB Audio Class). This video data steam can be presented to other displays or with video processing, sent over the internet to other online meeting participants, or many other options.

The Mimo Myst Capture is truly built to support your conference room now and as the
workplace evolves, allowing for the scaling of huddle rooms as well as  accommodating for those working in the office and afar.


This Mimo screen is the Touch controller in the latest generation Google Meet kits from ASUS. Mimo Myst Capture 10.1″ USB Capacitive Touch Display, HDMI Capture (MY-1090CP-G)