ASUS powers Google Workspace

Krouli and ASUS have joined forces to bring you the Google experience to your workplace. Here you will find what you need, be it mini-PCs, Chromebooks, monitors or an ASUS Google Meet Room.

ASUS Chromebook

Dare to change. The ASUS Chromebook will change the way you look at IT-spend and Device Management.

ASUS Google Meet Rooms

A dedicated Google Meet hardware kit from ASUS is an easy way to get your meeting started. It is simplicity in a box.

ASUS Chromebox

Take your computing to another dimension. Chromebox is changing the way we power our workplace.

ASUS Makes Meet Better

Go Small or Big. Use the starter kit for your small rooms and then grow with the program.

Meet Compute

Enterprise grade Meet hardware, designed for enhanced performance and security. 


ASUS Chromebook Flip C436

Open up the power of ASUS Flip C436, it holds everything you need to get things done.


ASUS Chromebox

A small box to deliver, a giant leap for your company.  The ASUS Chromebox is a versatile computing device that powers your desktop or  displays content wherever you need.