The workplace is changing. Change your company into a digital workplace that doesn't know the boundaries of an office. With Google Workspace - Google Meet, Jamboard, G-Mail, Chrome Enterprise, Google Cloud and Chrome Management Console - and Krouli's expertise in Meet and Workspace, we can provide you with a turn-key solution for your organisations Meet First strategy.

Dedicated Rooms for Google Meet

With a Google Room, your Meet is just one click away

Make meetings easy for everyone. Start your Meet with one click and get hassle free sound and vision with a dedicated Google Room solution.

Chrome devices is the new black

Chromebook, Chromebase and Chromebox

There is a chrome device for every need. Chromebooks for employees, Chromeboxes for Digital Signage and Chromebases in your reception.


Meet, Work, Collaborate and Share

Are you allready Jammin', get another Jamboard from Krouli. Like to try one out? Contact Like to know more, schedule a Google Meet with us.

Chrome Management

Chrome is easy to manage and simple to secure

Chrome Management is more than just device management. With the Chrome Management Console, you can manage and secure all of your devices, your users and your rooms.

Headphones, Cameras and other gear

The right equipment to get your job done

A good place to be is where you have the right gear. At home or at the office, you need to have the right peripherals - Keyboards, Headphones, Cameras. Find everything at our webshop.

Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that unlocks your teams creativity.  Sketch your ideas. Drop images, add notes, and pull stuff directly from the web while collaborating with team members from anywhere.