Powerful All-in-One Meet Solutions from Avocor

Looking for an all-in-one meeting room solution with Google Jamboard functionality included. The Series One Board 65 is ideal for the larger spaces and for your rolling cart whereas the Series One Desk 27 can turn any desk or huddle room into a full fledged conference room.

Both the Series One Board 65 and the Series One Desk 27 have state of the art Touch Screens with integrated Camera, Speaker, Microphone.

Just mount it, plug the power chord in and you are ready to go.

We currently offer special pricing on all Avocor Series One products. All Avocor offers available until 31/12 2023. 

Series One Desk 27

The Google Meet Series One Desk 27 by Avocor has been specifically designed to make collaboration personal. Desk 27 is a premium, all-in-one touchscreen Google Meet device that is also a desktop monitor, laptop docking station, and digital whiteboard.

Set up Wormholes around your office to connect to support or specialists. Facilitate meetings on the fly in every part of your production. Let customers Meet the subject experts on the shop floor. The technology is there to solve your problem.

Series One Board 65

Start a meeting with a single tap and then catch the audience by writing our sketching out your ideas. The Series One Board 65 is an all-in-one Meet Room solution that you can attach to a cart and bring to any room or hang it on the wall and just add power.

Equipped with a 12 MP camera with a 120 degree filed of view and audio supported by Google AI.

The Sreis One devicees optimize audio settings for different room sizes and surfaces.

The versatility of the Board 65 makes it the perfect solution for the creative company.