Series One - for the serious ones

Intelligent video conferencing hardware made exclusively for Google Meet. Enterprise grade with iconic design.

 Series One

Google designed hardware

Participant presence detection

Power over Ethernet for simple installation

Intelligent voice recognition and noise removal

Enterprise grade with versatile Meet Compute System


Everyones True Voice will be heard

The Series One Mic Pod has an onboard Google Edge TPU that enables True Voice. This means that AI will amplify voices and maintain a consistent volume regardless of how far you are from the Microphone. True Voice also eliminates distracting sounds like keyboard typing, doors closing which means crystal clear audio with less distraction and meeting fatigue.

Meet Compute and the Power of Ethernet

The cost of installing and maintaining your room will be reduced with Series One Meet Compute System. It has an Intel i7 processor and Google TPUs built in, but more importantly, only the Meet Compute System needs AC power. The rest of the system is Powered over Ethernet and where needed you are able to daisy chain microphones and speakers. This means single wires, reduced clutter and simplified installation.

Stay in focus

Digital PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) with automatic participant detection and framing will make sure that everyone has a place at the table. Packed with Intelligence and an onboard high resolution image processing chipset. Participant detection is the dream for any facilities team.


Available in Smart or Smart XL.


Designed to give a True Voice to all people

The Smart Audio Bar with True Voice will enhance voice and reduce noise. Powered over Ethernet, an 8 element, linear beamforming mic-array, a 2.5” woofer and 1” tweeter, as well as an onboard Google Edge TPU will make sure nothing but background noise is missed. True Voice® is a proprietary, multi-channel noise cancellation technology that removes unwanted sounds and crystallizes human voices for a balanced, high fidelity experience.

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