3,795.00 Ilman ALV

Vestaboard is an easy way to create a simple moment of connection every day. Keep your guests and customers up to date with the latest information and options. Show menus, special events, and quotes or colorful patterns to match the vibe of your establishment. Displays up to 132 characters at a time including all the colors of the rainbow. It’s not a digital screen. 8,448 magical spinning flaps you control with your device from anywhere.



Vestaboard creates a focal point that enhances any setting every day and captures attention with a shared messaging experience. Looks great in any setting to display important information, messages for your team or customers, invitations and more. Useful for displaying metrics and updates in personal or team office settings. Display messages of gratitude, birthday wishes, and celebratory messages to bring your workplace together.

Vestaboard changes remotely or with pre-scheduled messages to captivate customers in your shop or boutique. Display special offers and inspiring quotes, or connect with social media to engage with your clients.

With Vestaboard’s free mobile and web based applications, your messaging capabilities are endless. With Vestaboard+, you can take your Vestaboard to the next level.

41.2 inches wide (1046 mm)
22 inches tall (561 mm)
3.5 inches deep with mount (89 mm)
3.2 inches deep without mount (81.5 mm)

45 pounds without frame (20.4 kg)
55 pounds with frame (24.9 kg)

56 alphanumeric characters
9 color characters
Displays up to 132 characters at once

Made from finished aluminium
Black (Rall 9011 Graphite Black)

802.11 a/b/g/n embedded Wi-Fi / Ethernet port
Supports 2.4 and 5 GHz networks

Flap Colors
Poppy Red (PMS 385 C)
Orange (PMS 2018 C)
Yellow (PMS 1235 C)
Green (PMS 347 C)
Paris Blue (PMS 2173 C)
Violet (PMS 526 C)
Black (PMS 426 C)
White (White C)

Vestaboard Specifications